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Pass complete!

Armed Conflicts During World War 2, what act was passed that gave the Coast Guard jurisdiction over ships carrying explosives and dangerous cargoes? Atudy Structure Activities Europe is responsible for the command of European units but also has wpme special responsibilities. Institute Services T or F To be eligible for Tuition Assistance, courses must result in accredited college credit or contact hours?

The CPO has completed 20 drill periods since the rating chain completed his special employee review.

False Suicide Interventions T or F If, in communicating with the person, you discover there is no specific plan, you can safely assume it’s all talk?

False Suicide Interventions T or F If a person laughingly mentions a way of escaping his problems is to leave this world, you have no need to worry since he’s just joking? Melissa Mathis Cards —.

Armed Conflicts Which war ended in November and saw a higher percentage of Coast Guard personnel killed gujde any other U.

Enlisted Achievements In what year did all officer career fields and enlisted guise open up to women? Suicide Interventions T or F Your role in preventing suicide is to determine whether the person will actually commit suicide?

Armed Conflicts Which cutter was one of the first successful attacks during World War 2, which using depth charges forced the surfacing of a German submarine? Armed Conflicts What was the name of the Captain of the Surveyor, who received a letter of praise from the captain of the British frigate Narcissis during the War of ?


False Evaluating a Subordinate A Seaman is given a regular employee review six weeks ago and has just been awarded non-judicial punishment. Robert Foucha Cards —.

You may also click on the card displayed in any of the three boxes to bring that card back to the center. Organizational Structure Which type of command gudie responsible for providing services such as civil engineering, health and safety, legal, and finance to all operational units within it’s area? April 24th, Armed Conflicts Which cutter, carrying six guns and manned by 10 officers and 95 crewmen, was engaged in the battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War?

Travis Robinson Cards —. Paul Quaife 27 Cards —. Jason Sutdy Cards —. Enlisted Achievements InAlex Epmr. Vinc H’urt Cards —. Armed Conflicts Spain declared war on the U. True Stress Management Interventions T or F Not thinking about change until it happens so you don’t have to worry ahead of epms is an effective stress management technique?

Enlisted Achievements Inthe first enlisted woman is assigned to an Officer-in-Charge afloat billet, who was she? Armed Conflicts Which cutter is credited with firing the first naval shots of the Civil War? The supervisor Counseling a Subordinate The evaluee is counseled after who has reviewed the the employee evaluation?

To protect the nation’s coastline, Six U. Armed Conflicts In support of what operation did the Coast Guard see it’s largest overseas deployment in support of military operations since the Vietnam Conflict? T mitc 35 Cards —.

Cold-weather operations in Greenland. Brian Johnson 1, Cards —. Stress Management Interventions T or F Exercise with an elevated heart rate for no more than 10 minutes is an effective stress management technique? Communication, Boat CrewCheck List.

Evaluating a Subordinate A special employee review was completed for a Master Chief petty officer 5 months ago and it’s the last day of September.

Property Policies T or F A survey is an administrative action to determine how Coast Guard property was lost, damaged, or destroyed?

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Organizational Structure In the field, the Coast Guard is organized into two regions, what are they? Armed Conflicts During which war was the Coast Guard’s role marginal, primarily one of support? Christopher Knesek 58 Cards —.


Don Morrison Cards —. Richard Hill Cards —. Awarded non-judicial punishment NJPconvicted at court-martial CMconvicted in civil court, or financially irresponsible?

Ray Ray Ortiz Cards —. Armed Conflicts At the height of operations during the War on Terrorism, how many Coast Guard personnel were deployed?

Armed Conflicts Which two cutters were tasked with delivering rifles peme troops before the battles of Monterey and Buena Vista during the Mexican-American War? The Approving Offical Stress Management Interventions T or F Exercise with an elevated heart rate for no more than 10 minutes is an effective stress management technique?

Evaluating a Subordinate A fireman is in an unauthorized absence status and it’s the last day of January, is a review required and if so what type?

Yes, a special employee review Evaluating a Subordinate A fireman is in an unauthorized absence status and it’s the last day of January, is a review required and if so what type? Navy cyclone-class patrol coastal warships gulde assigned to what Operation on November 5th, ?

Armed Conflicts Which operation during the War on Terrorism did the Coast Guard increase it’s patrols by 50 percent and place armed boarding officers on every high interest sudy arriving or departing from American ports? People You Should Know.

Established Missions Following World War 2, members of what organization were given rates and ratings, uniforms, and insignia? David Le Biavant vuide Cards —. The Cutter Campbell Armed Conflicts In the latter part ofduring World War 2, which cutter tracked a submarine through a convoy with such skill that the action report became part of antisubmarine force policy?