Aricent Technologies Job Placement question paper with answers Aricent question with solution you can download it in FREE. So get some practice on Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability by downloading the Aricent Placement Papers if you are going to appear in. Latest aricent question papers and answers,Placement papers,test pattern and Company Aricent Previous Placement Papers and Practice Free.

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Aricenr statement A, we know that Pipe A can fill the tank in 40 hours. There is no exception ——— this rule. Carthage was expected to be conquered by the Romans.

Aricent interview Contributed By siva vikas. I will be telling you about my experience that i had during my interview. Aricent is the paers to Hughes Software Systems, which was established inas well as Flextronics Software Systems, which was created in after the parent company’s acquisition.

Now it is also clear that D is either 6 or 9 but D cannot be 6, because in that case L is equal to 0, which is not possible.

The company claims to be one of the largest privately held companies in Silicon Valley, with more than 33 offices, customers, and 10, employees worldwide. Which fruit is not used by Mandy?

Aricent written test mainly concentrates on your C strength. The outer diameter of the tank is 10 meters.

Aricent Placement Papers

Dream requires effortless sleep and aim requires sleepless efforts. In the first 10 overs of a cricket game, the run rate was only 3. Cherries, Grapes, Bananas Answer: What should be the run rate in the remaining 40 overs to reach the target of runs? Choose out the odd one. B Either you walk a bit faster or …. Aricent Placement papers freshers. But as it is clear that highest sum of there given no.


So, using the information in statement I we will not be able to conclusively decide the value of X. Placement Papers of Network Administrator. T comes after P. Budding singers, classical musicians, instrumentalists, amateur singers all get together and share music. From statement A we know that m is divisible by 3. How long will it take for two pipes A and B to fill an empty cistern if they worked alternately for an hour each?

March February As people think that parenting is easier when there is only one child, the single child family is becoming the norm.

Aricent Placement Paper on 6 Jan at Gurgaon. What should come next in the following letter sequence?

Aricent Placement Papers – Aricent Interview Questions and Answers updated on Dec 2018

Numerical ability 15 questions Set theory -3 questions. Therefore, statement B alone is also not sufficient. Topics are-time nd distance, time and work, logarithms, profit and loss, probability, permutation and combination. Apples, Grapes, Bananas D. I m not selected bcoz. General – other Contributed By Shailesh. Hence, option B What to study for written test.

Placement Papers of Defence. Let the original price and sale be 10 unit each. When given time for each section is over, paper is collected back, to create pressure on the candidate.


Know about aricent placement procedure and questions with aptitude test papers on this page. Line joining from AD and BC divides the parallelogram into 4 equal parts. The left over is 3rd combination and therefore Stacy fits there.

Several of whom i know performed not that well in interview but had very good marks in that section. There are 83 students appeared in this test from which 37 cleared the test. Placement Papers of Bangalore. First thing i would like to tell you is that aricent was flextronics earlier.

Aricent Placement Papers – Aricent Interview Questions and Answers updated on Dec

E-mail writing 5 minutes 1 Verbal section contains some easy questions like: A Although John writes …. Aricent is the world’s largest private communications software company.

Which one of 20122 following is not a prime number? Whole Testpaper Aricent Gurgaon – 10 September Four girls are surrounding another girl and seem to have possession of her backpack. What will be the step II for the following input? None of these Answer: Now according to 4th condition, Erica must fit into 2nd combination.